About Parks, reserves and conservancies

Game Reserves, National Parks, and Private Conservancies


In Kenya wildlife forms the major part of attraction other than the beautiful beaches along the kenya coast. Most of the parks and game reserve were established when Kenya was still a British protectorate. The game reserves are managed by the local authorities while the national parks are largely managed by the national government. Examples of the parks and game reserves include lake nakuru national park, Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Samburu Game Reserve, Lake Bogoria Game Reserve, Aberdare National Park, Shimba Hills National Park, Buffalo Springs Game Reserve,ol Pejeta Conservancy among many more.

Each park has its own attraction that makes each one unique such Lake Nakuru National Park and Ol Pejeta Conservancy boasts with a large number of white and black rhinos and are sanctuaries of both species of rhinos. Maasai Mara has a lot of different species in abundance mostly the best place to see the big cats and but also has Elephants , Rhinos and we can't forget the wildebeest migration,

Amboseli National Park is basically the best place to see the Elephants and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Bogoria has lots of Flamingoes and hot springs. Samburu Game Reserve, Buffalo Springs, Shaba Game Reserve, has unique species including Somali Ostrich, Grevy Zebra, reticulated giraffe among many other species.

Aberdare National Park has a large number of Forest Elephants, Buffaloes and many types of Antelopes. Mt. Kenya National Park has a large population of Forest Elephants, Buffalo's among others.

Ol pejeta conservancy is a unique conservation area and is also the biggest sanctuary for Black Rhinos, it also has different types of rhinos namely Southern White Rhino and Northern White Rhino. The conservancy has the only 2 remaining female Northern White Rhinos in the world, the only male Northern White Rhino named 'Sudan' died sometime back, right now there's no Northern White Rhino in existence. However, scientists are using modern technology to reproduce a male Northern White which seem to bare fruits.