Origin of safari

a history of safari
The British occupied kenya from the Early 18th century opening the hinterland, this came along with other activities known less by Africans - game viewing this brought about the formation of game reserves, national parks and conservancies. Trophy hunting was fashionable and very popular during this period. During this period the people who were hunting slept in small makeshift tents. With time it evolved into the current tented camp known today as very prestigious while on safari making it more attractive because it offers a good ambience and a chance to feel nature. However the government has created conservation areas meant to protect the wildlife population and game parks and national parks form a bigger percentage of them. Alot of organisations are playing a major role in conservation both in government and in the private sector.In recent years the government has enacted very strict conservation laws making kenya a leading country in terms of conservation in East and Central Africa. Having all these features kenya has become the leading safari destination in the world because kenya is the origin of safari beating other safari destinations in africa. The word safari is a word derived from swahili language meaning travelling however with time it has evolved into something more prestigious meaning game viewing and luxury. The kenyan game reserves and national parks are still very natural the major parts still remain unexplored. During the early days of safari people used to adorn the safari regalia.